PRLX (x CSX) 4834 C&O Scheme

Thank you for checking out my first reskin, i know it looks bad but i'm still new to this. This is a reskin of teh PRLX 4834 which was an x csx which was painted unofficaly into csx's first ever heritage unit, and i tried to recreate it to the best of my ability. Catch you in the next one!


Train Simulator: Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACes Loco Add-On on Steam

The powerful SD70ACe is a popular sight across the US freight railroad network and is now available for Train Simulator in six attractive heritage liveries of Union Pacific.Production of the SD70ACe version began in 2004 as General Motors’ response to the popular GE Dash 9-44CW.

Installation Instructions

in the read me


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trainman11 17 Aug 2023

i like it

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16 Aug 2023
22 Aug 2023
Train Simulator Classic
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C&O - Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, CSX