Phase VII pack (Viewliners+Amfleet III fictional cars)

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As Amtrk moves into new era I deicded to give the Phase VII look to more of their stock soyou'd have something more than US Vectron.

This pack features:
-Amfleet III* fictional cars (Acela conversion) in Phase VII blue with UIC complying door marking for disabled people.
-Viewliners in Phase VII "midnight" blue.
-Viewliner "dining car" as there will be no more Viewliners II from their creator I had to improvise.

PS. Those are my first reskins and I'll be updating them as my skills wil be further developing. I'm also aware of all imperfections.

*As the Amfleet III was based on FanRailer's Acela/Avelia sound mod IT IS REQUIRED to download it BEFOREHAND!!!


Required for: Viewliner II baggage and "dining".

Train Simulator 2020 Amtrak Acela Express (Alstom Avelia Liberty) Reskin Release (7/19/20)

Required for: Amfleet III sounds (link in video description).

Installation Instructions

Pack comes with clean and easy to understand read me file. However in case of any problems please contact through Train Sim Community discord (just ping me either in ts-general or ts-modding).

Tags: acela american amfleet amtrak fictional phase-vii viewliner viewliner-ii


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IC 9612 18 Jan 2023

Very good, Good Quality, Good Reskin!

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Nyvi 18 Jan 2023

Thank You <3

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