HI Lamps and Headboards - RSC Locomotives

A large collection of HI Lamp and Headboard applications for locos under the RSC banner, featuring the A3, A4, B1, and N15.


  • RSC A3 (Apple Green A3)
  • RSC Wartime Black Flying Scotsman
  • RSC A4
  • RSC B1 (BR Black)
  • RSC LNER Apple Green B1
  • Vulcan Productions Preserved B1 reskin (61264 BR Black)
  • Blast Pipe Productions 61306 'Mayflower' reskin (61306 'Mayflower' in BR Apple Green and Red Cathedrals Express headboard)
  • Blast Pipe Productions 1264 reskin (1264 in LNER Lined Black)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme A3 Modern Sound Pack (A3 Sounds and Flying Scotsman headboard)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme A4 Sound Pack (A4 Sounds)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme N15 Sound Pack (N15 Sounds)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme 6023 Pack (HI Lamp and Cathedrals Express headboard)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme Standard 4MT Enhancement Pack (Moorlander, Santa Express and Severn Valley Venturer headboards)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme 9F Enhancement Pack (Elizabethan headboard)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme Jacobite Railtour Pack (Jacobite headboard)
  • Steam Sounds Supreme JT Manor Expansion Pack (Torbay Express headboard)

Installation Instructions

Simply drag the Assets folder into Railworks and the rest will take care of itself.

Additional Comments

Huge thanks to Peppercorn Workshops for putting the Elizabethan and Flying Scotsman headboards on the A4s and the Cathedrals Express headboard on the N15 in the first place. The Jacobite pack is no longer publicly available, but the same headboard is included in the SSS Sound Pack for the BMG Black Five, available via their newsletter.

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9 Jan 2021
9 Jan 2021
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