Marias pass Montana Hi-Line merged route - Overhauled v2.1

Enhancements made to the route:
Replaced all signals with Hi-Line ones.
Replaced all crossing gates with Hi-Line ones.
Updated the Kalispell branch yard
Replaced the Java East trestle bridge with a better one.
Replaced ALL roads with Hi-Line ones.

If you expierience any problems, please notify me in the comments.

Version 2.1 Bug Bash update.
Version 2.0 Replaced and remade all roads with Hi-Line ones.
Version 1.8 Remade the Java East trestle bridge and the one that crosses the highway.
Version 1.7 Remade the Whitefish feul shops.
Version 1.5 Updated Kalispell yard.
Version 1.1 changed all signals and crossings to the Hi-Line ones.
Note: This is for the merged route thats available on steam as freeware, NOT LP Simulations one.


Marias pass
Montana Hi-Line
Marias pass and Monatana Hi-Line from steam
Golden age of railroading Marias pass and Hi-Line backdating kit

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT! in read me!


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