ABStudios NSC 53ft Well Car Patch

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This is the second installment of patches for the ABStudios freight cars. This one covers the NSC 53ft Well Cars that came with Freight Car Pack Vol. 1.


Installation Instructions

Drag and drop "Assets" into your RailWorks folder. Overwrite when prompted.

Additional Comments

-Changed drag coefficients
-Removed Krellnut wagon audio
-Added SS Freight Pack audio
-Reworked scripts so they're more efficient
-Added EDD compatibility
-Edited wheel texture
-Consist fragments
-Changed coupler

LP for throwing the new wheel texture together

UPDATE 9/13/2023
-Adjusted loaded and empty weights

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Avatar of NSATL2022
NSATL2022 13 days ago

im loving it but one i have can yall add the airhoses to the autoracks because they look so unreal how they are now and some more NS and CSX repaints for them we need a brown NS and old CSX logo with black letters please yall and thank you and one more question do yall think you be getting somebody to repaint the triple crown roadrailers from vrc into like a clean and weathered pack with a few more triple crown logos i know will be pleased to welcome these see i crazy we went over the latest sd40-2 HH , saluda , and other southern things its an atlanta to macon route coming out not far down the road so im tryna see if we can get you guys to start ramping up some more content for the southeast we enjoying everything so far keep up the good work yall

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NSATL2022 13 days ago

correction nevermind about the autorack airhoses lol i just spotted them thanks alot now lets see what repaints we can get you guys are awesome always beat me to it that funny this summer really has been like the best chrismas since i was a child i might be about to cry yo man yall make me so proud

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