AEM-7 & Amfleet Car Upgrade Pack 2.0

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This is a texture and sound upgrade to the Amtrak Phase V AEM-7 locomotive and its Amfleet I cars from the “Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia Route Add-On” you can buy here:

Version 2.0 is a texture and sound upgrade over my previous version.

AEM-7 Locomotive (Phase V):

  • Amtrak Blue on the roof and around the windshields
  • Platinum Mist body
  • Amtrak Red sill stripe and pantographs
  • Anthracite Gray underbody

Amfleet I Cars (Phase VI):

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Amtrak Red and white pin stripes
  • Amtrak Blue stripe
  • Amtrak Red sill stripe
  • Black underbody (Untouched)
  • Higher resolution “Northeast Regional” logo on the Café car


Train Simulator: Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia Route Add-On on Steam

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor is America’s busiest passenger railroad and among its most vibrant and captivating. Across the Corridor, Amtrak carries more than 11 million passengers each year, the Corridor hosts America’s fastest trains, and it is home to many of Amtrak’s busiest and most famous stations, including classic New York Penn...

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to your Rail Works directory
    (Typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks).

  2. Drop the “Assets” folder in the directory (Overwrite the previous version).

  3. Make sure that you set “Ambient Occlusion” to, at least, the “Low” setting (Preferably “Dynamic”).

And that’s ALL you have to do.

Additional Comments

You can watch this pack in action here:

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AEM-7 & Amfleet Car Upgrade Pack 37 MB · Added 2 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 251×


Avatar of cheshirealt
cheshirealt 3 Jan 2023

i love how you added the flares nice work!

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 4 Jan 2023

Thanks but I didn't added flares. I just changed the color to look more incandescent, especially at night. Maybe is the color surrounding the headlights that makes it stand out. Anyway, I'm glad you like it.

Avatar of cheshirealt
cheshirealt 7 Jan 2023

yeah im trying to add the flares

Avatar of H enjoyer
H enjoyer 3 Jan 2023

After I installed this mod, when I load a scenario on NY to Philadelphia it gives me an error saying that track.bin is missing

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 4 Jan 2023

"track.bin"? That's not a locomotive or passenger car file. Sounds more like a missing route file. Does it happen with other engines in the same route? Can you run the same engine in other routes? Try uninstalling/reinstalling the Northeast Corridor.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 4 Jan 2023

just hit f2 and click cancel. it happens to me all the time and i just do that it wont affect anything. unless your tracks are gone.

Avatar of Acela2000
Acela2000 12 Mar 2023

Why does the horn sound bad?

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 18 Mar 2023

In what way bad? Do you mean it sounds cut off? If it does, reloading the scenario fixes it.

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