HHP-8 & Amfleet Car Upgrade Pack 1.5

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This is mainly a texture and sound upgrade to the “Amtrak HHP-8 Loco Add On” you can buy here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/222558/Train_Simulator_Amtrak_HHP8_Loco_AddOn/

It includes the Amfleet I Business Class car and some minor tweaks to the locomotive’s physics.

Version 1.5 Changes:

  • Updated version of the Hybrid K5LA horn and bell.
  • The rolling sounds in the passenger view are back. I omitted those sounds in the previous version. However, the passenger view was way too quiet, and you didn’t get a sense of speed. I have no idea how to make dedicated rolling sounds for the passenger view. But, at least, you can feel it when the train is moving.
  • Tweaked the air brakes “hiss” sound on the Amfleet cars, so it sounds a bit different than on the Superliners.

HHP 8 Locomotive (Phase V):

  • Amtrak Blue nose and roof
  • Platinum Mist body
  • Amtrak Red sill stripe and pantographs
  • Anthracite Gray underbody

Amfleet I Cars (Phase VI):

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Amtrak Red and white pin stripes
  • Amtrak Blue stripe
  • Amtrak Red sill stripe
  • Black underbody (Untouched)


Train Simulator: Amtrak HHP-8 Loco Add-On on Steam

One of the most short-lived electric locomotives for the Northeast Corridor – the Amtrak HHP-8 comes to Train Simulator for the stunning new NEC: New York-New Haven route.The 8,000hp, twin-cab electric HHP-8 (‘High Horse Power 8000’) was manufactured by a consortium of Bombardier Transportation and Alstom for use by Amtrak and the...

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to your Rail Works directory
    (Typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks).

  2. Drop the “Assets” folder in the directory (Overwrite the previous version).

  3. Make sure that you set “Ambient Occlusion” to, at least, the “Low” setting (Preferably “Dynamic”).

And that’s ALL you have to do.

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Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 13 Jan 2023

It looks cool but i dont have the HHP-8 :c

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 14 Jan 2023

Oh, bummer. But, thank you anyway.

Avatar of ralseigaming22
ralseigaming22 14 Jan 2023

question, can this work with fan railers physics and sound mod?

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 14 Jan 2023

I don't know. I've never used that mod. The only physics I modified were max engine power, starting tractive effort, continuous tractive effort, tractive effort vs speed and tractive effort vs throttle parameters. I didn't touch the brakes. I saw Fan Railer's video, and it doesn't seem to affect my sounds. You can always give it a shot a see how it does. If it doesn't work out, you can always delete the folders. My mods are installed outside the ap folder that contains the default files. That way you can always erase everything if it doesn't work out, without having to reinstall the add-on.

Avatar of ralseigaming22
ralseigaming22 14 Jan 2023

what i would do is use both mods at the same time. basically i first install your mod because it adds the new paints and other things, and then i add the fan railer mod after since it adds the horns/physics upgrades.

Avatar of AceTrain3106
AceTrain3106 20 Jan 2023
Can i help with 2.0?
Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 25 Jan 2023

How can you help?

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 28 Jan 2023

he cant.

Avatar of Acela2000
Acela2000 21 days ago

Are you going to do the tration motors?

Avatar of 7FDL-16
7FDL-16 19 days ago

Sorry, I don't have any reference sounds for that.

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