SS UP #3300 Nathan K3LA & Bronze Bell

This Includes The Nathan K3LA Horn from UP EMD SD40-2 #3300 (United Way)


S.S. UP Bundle SD40: Unavailable

or S.S. UP SD40-2 & SD40-2 Snoot, UP SD40N & SD40N Snoot: Unavailable

Union Pacific/United Way SD40-2:

Installation Instructions

Drag the K3LA UP 3300 Folder Here: Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\Audio\EMD\16cy645E3

Drag the UP_UnitedWay Folder Here: Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel

If it tells you to replace the files, do that.

And That's It, you're completly Done.

Additional Comments

Anyways, Enjoy The Horn.

More Mods Coming Soon.

Copyright © 2022 by Railfan Ric. 2022 USA Productions.

Tags: 2000s


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