Coaster F40PH Horn Replacement

Hello everyone!
Here is a Coaster F40PH horn replacement which is taken from Coaster F40PH #2104, since there isn't many to the public, I thought I would make one. Also works good with the Coaster F40PH Skin, (skin is discontinued so don't ask me about it)
You need the Racetrack DLC in order for this to work


Train Simulator: The Racetrack: Aurora - Chicago Route Add-On on Steam

Widely known as the “Windy City”, Chicago has now been brought to life in Train Simulator, in the famed route The Racetrack Aurora - Chicago. The route begins under the skyscrapers of Chicago at Union Station, making its way through the urban landscape and out into the western suburbs, journeying along past yards, stopping at 24 commuter...

Installation Instructions

Included in readme file

Additional Comments

A huge thank you to CoasterFan2105 who allowed me to use the horn featured in the mod
I'm sorry that the horn is a little muffled, that's an end on train simulator, I'll see if I can get around to fix that
Any questions or concerns, feel free to dm me on Discord(OverWatch#6289) you can also email me(

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cheshirealt 27 days ago

i have that and also the weathered

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5StarModder 27 days ago

ah thank you western railfan!

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Ace's TS mods 27 days ago

FINALLY 2104! very nice dude c:

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5StarModder 27 days ago

thank you! im glad you like it :)

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Ace's TS mods 27 days ago


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Ace's TS mods 27 days ago


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5StarModder 26 days ago

So looks like there's also been an engine audio problem when I've been using it, overall I don't think I can keep this up for much, does anyone else have audio issues with the engine being stuck on a certain throttle and the engine sounds don't change? If it's not occuring to anyone else I'll keep this mod up let me know of issues please

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AceTrain3106 15 days ago

reinstall ur dlc

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5StarModder 15 days ago

yeah we're good now

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