Amtrak GE Genesis Phase IV Repaint Pack

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This is a repaint of the TRS Enhanced P42 as a Phase IV P40DC and Northeast Corridor P42DC.


  • 1994 Square Tag K5LA courtesy of Fan Railer
  • 4K Textures
  • Accurate Numbering
  • P40DC-specific features
  • Model specific simulation (P40 goes 103 mph and P42 goes 110 mph).
  • P40DC in standard Phase IV
  • P42DC in "Northeast Corridor" Phase IV
    *Also includes a small patch for the Phase III Pack fixing names for the scenario editor. (Satisfies my OCD lol)

Patch 1.1 Note: Revisions to dynamic numbering.


  • Amtrak P42DC "Empire Builder" Add-On (Steam)
  • TruRail Simulations P42DC Comprehensive Enhancement Pack

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the Contents of "" to an easily accesible place.
    1a. There are two versions, one with the Fan Railer and one with the TRS horn, choose whichever you'd like.
  2. Drop the Assets folder into your main Railworks folder usually found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks
  3. Copy the GX_P42_Amtk.geopcdx from [Assets\RSC\P42Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\TRS_PhV\Locomotive]
  4. Paste it into [Assets\RSC\P42Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\TRS_PhIV(TRS_IV_NEC)\Locomotive]
  5. Copy the GX_P42_Cab.geopcdx file from [Assets\RSC\P42Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\TRS_PhV\CabView]
  6. Paste it in [Assets\RSC\P42Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\TRS_PhIV(TRS_IV_NEC)\CabView]

Note: If you have installed the Phase III pack, you will not need to do the following steps.

  1. Copy the K5LA_1.blend.geopcdx file from [Assets\TruRailSimulations\P42_Dependencies\Horn]
  2. Paste it in [Assets\TruRailSimulations\P42_Dependencies\Horn_Gray]
  3. Copy the Plow.geopcdx file from [Assets\TruRailSimulations\P42_Dependencies\Plow]
  4. Paste it in [Assets\TruRailSimulations\P42_Dependencies\Plow_Gray]

Additional Comments

Note: You may need to unpack your .ap file using 7-zip in order to access the .geopcdx files.

The locomotives will be listed in the scenario editor as:

  • [TRS] [Lead] GE P40DC Amtrak [Ph IV]
  • [TRS] [Trail] GE P40DC Amtrak [Ph IV]
  • [TRS] [Lead] GE P42DC Amtrak [Ph IV NEC]
  • [TRS] [Trail] GE P42DC Amtrak [Ph IV NEC]

Tags: amd103 amtrak diesel genesis northeast-corridor p42dc

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Avatar of Lenny
Lenny one month ago

it would be nice if you made the Phase I or the Phase II. Maybe even the Empire Paint scheme P32 for the Hudson Line!

Avatar of DeepChillWolf
DeepChillWolf one month ago

Do you mean the heritage schemes because the P42s were never in the official Phase I or Phase II paint?

Avatar of Lenny
Lenny one month ago

i guess so.

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

Actually there is a phase I on RWA you can get, and a phase III can also be found at RWA, and at the loco shop site they created a phase IIIF scheme

Avatar of Lenny
Lenny one month ago

i dont find any geopcdx in the PhIV file

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