BNSF H3 Dash 9

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Included in this pack:

A BNSF H3 Reskin for the RSC BNSF Dash 9.

  • The alpha channels have been completely remade to give off a nicer effect of paint; I.e the paint is shinier on brighter colours and vice versa.
  • With kind permission from Monchito5 I have used his BNSF textures as a base for this reskin. This ensures much more accurate colours on this livery.
  • All textures have been upscaled to 4K using AI.

If you experience any issues with this reskin please let me know in the comments.


BNSF Dash 9 DLC - Unfortunately this DLC is no longer available outside of the USA. I was lucky enough to acquire it before the ban took place.
MLWAudio 7FDL-16 Enhancement Pack
MLWAudio GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack
Monchito5 Dash 9 Improved Textures (otherwise you'll have strange artefacts like colours that don't match).
My Dash 9 Enhancements

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Run InstallMe.bat in your Assets folder.
Clear Cache in the game settings.

Additional Comments

A massive thank you to Monchito5 for allowing me to upscale is BNSF H2 textures and use them as a base for this reskin. I recommend you check out his content (especially his UP GEVOs, they're really good)!
I've also decided to not include a clean version of this livery. I feel they looked too toyish and even when new they would have had at least a bit of dirt on them!


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Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 27 days ago

posted to wrong addon srs sry

Avatar of LP
LP 27 days ago

Can you elaborate? Monchito didn't make a H3 Dash 9

Avatar of Queendoor
Queendoor 27 days ago

I appreciate your hard work. However, if you can add how to use it because there are no instructions for use and missing texture

Avatar of LP
LP 27 days ago

There are instructions in the readme file. Please run InstallMe.bat in your Assets folder to copy over the necessary files, and then clear your game cache.

Avatar of Queendoor
Queendoor 26 days ago

Texture Missing

Avatar of LP
LP 26 days ago

You must run the batch file

Avatar of NormalTSModDev
NormalTSModDev 2 days ago

Nicely done

Avatar of LP
LP 2 days ago


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