Genesis Enhancements V2.1

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V2.1 UPDATE: Fixed a few graphical bugs.
V2 UPDATE: Now fixes a number of inaccuracies with the original repaints.

Included in this pack:

A set of brand new textures for the Knife Waifu Geneses.

  • The alpha channels have been completely remade to give off a nicer effect of paint; I.e the paint is shinier on brighter colours and vice versa.
  • Completely new shadow bakes made in Blender.
  • With kind permission from Knife Waifu.
  • Inaccuracies with the original Knife Waifu repaints have been corrected.
    Missing bolt textures from the original TruRail P42 reinstated.
    New 3D Ditch and Marker Light rims for a rounder appearance. No longer will they be dodecagons!

These will overwrite the default textures so I advise you backup the default textures if you want to revert to them for whatever reason.
If you experience any issues with these enhancements please let me know in the comments.


Amtrak P42DC "Empire Builder" DLC
TruRail SImulations P42DC Enhancement Pack - Currently available on their temporary website as of 09/12/2021.
Knife Waifu Phase III Geneses
Knife Waifu Phase IV Geneses

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Clear Cache in the game settings.

Additional Comments

A massive thank you to Knife Waifu for allowing me to bake and modify his Genesis reskins, and TruRail for allowing reskins of their content.


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LP 2 months ago

The lights issue has now been patched

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Avatar of Shawn ツ
Shawn ツ 2 months ago

can you make a TRS phase 5 P40dc

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Avatar of LP
LP 2 months ago

I do not take requests

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Avatar of Sawman
Sawman 20 days ago

Is it possible to use the P42 from the Miami beach route instead of the empire builder?

Avatar of LP
LP 20 days ago

The miami model is horrible and doesn't support the trurail pack anyway

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Avatar of LP
LP 7 days ago

thank you :)

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