VIA Rail Canada Original Condition P42s


Included in this pack:

Two VIA Rail Canada P42DC reskins.

  • Renaissance Blue
  • Turkish Green
    ^ Both of the above are in original condition, without the additional headlight and backup horn.

If you experience any issues with these please let me know in the comments.


Amtrak P42DC "Empire Builder" DLC
TruRail Simulations P42DC Enhancement Pack - Currently available on their temporary website as of 22/11/2021.
Knife Waifu Phase III Geneses
Knife Waifu Phase IV Geneses
My Genesis Enhancements

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Run InstallMe.bat in your Assets folder.
Clear Cache in the game settings.

Additional Comments

A massive thank you to the following people for their feedback during the development process of these skins:
Brandon Railfan
Jared K
Knife Waifu


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