Toaster Enhancements & Phase III Repaint V2.1

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UPDATE 2: Bat file should now automatically extract the AP file.
UPDATE: Some inaccuracies with the Phase III livery fixed, thank you to Knife Waifu for pointing these out to me.

Brand New Phase III AEM-7 Repaint featuring a remodelled front, custom ridges and accurate colours.
Cleaned up cab textures.
Strange headlight glow texture removed.
Annoying Radio Chatter removed.

These will overwrite the defaults so if you wish to revert for any reason re-extract the AP file.
If you experience any issues with these please let me know in the comments.


NEC New York to Philadelphia

Not required but highly recommended!

Phase V AEM-7 Texture Upgrade

Open NEC

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Run InstallMe.bat in your Assets folder.
Clear Cache in the game settings.

Additional Comments

A massive thank you to the following individuals for their input during the development process of this mod:
Brandon Railfan
Knife Waifu
Matt J


Toaster Enhancements & Phase III Repaint V2.1.7z 2 MB · Downloaded 92×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 36 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of LP
LP 5 days ago

If you owned V2 then you do not need to upgrade to 2.1 unless you experience issues

This comment was written for a prior version of this page.
Avatar of CTSL Railfan
CTSL Railfan 4 days ago

made some enhancements. new light flares, removed ditchlight flares, and added fan railer's sound mod.

Avatar of LP
LP 4 days ago

Nice one, this pack is open source so you're free to do whatever you want with it except profit

Avatar of NormalTSModDev
NormalTSModDev 2 days ago

:Edds: Those flares

Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan 4 days ago

tosteh :kekw:

Avatar of LP
LP 4 days ago

help my toaster is broken

Avatar of henry_the_cameraman

so the ditch light glow hasnt gone away, did i install it wrong?

Avatar of LP
LP yesterday

If you want to remove the ditch light glow I recommend installing knife waifus pack

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

I have Knife waifus's pack and this pack but when i try it does not work

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