SD80MAC Pack v2.1

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This pack enhances the default DTG CSX SD80MAC and it's coal gondola with additional features, details, and liveries.

Features include:

  • Completely reworked and upscaled outer textures at 4k resolution
  • A handful of new cab textures, as well as an improved and more accurate display
  • Improved the rear fans and dynamic brake fan
  • Replaced headlight flares with ones from Searchlight Simulations' 710G3B pack
  • Compatible and intended to be used with FanRailer's physics improvement and CentralJerseyRailfan's sound pack
  • New DCSV files with the correct roster numbers for their respective liveries
  • A completely new Conrail G52X Coal Gondola, with new coal load textures and Krellnut's sounds applied
  • New Norfolk Southern variant of the SD80MAC
  • New default CSX Bethgon textures
  • A SD80MAC manual model on the conductor's desk

New in v2.1:

  • An NS Patched Ex-Conrail livery
  • Completely reworked from scratch cab backwall model


DTG's CSX SD80MAC Loco Add-On
FanRailer's SD80MAC Physics Improvements
CentralJerseyRailfan's EMD 20cyl 710G3B SD80MAC Sound Pack
Seachlight Simulations' Freeware 16-710G3B Sound Pack
Searchlight Simulations' Freeware Conrail RS3L Horn
Krellnut's Freight Sounds

Installation Instructions

  • Install the mod requirements before installing this pack
  • Drop the included "Assets" folder into your Railworks installation, accept overwrites
  • Copy SD80MAC_CSX.GeoPcDx from RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\CSX\Engine and paste it into RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\CR\Engine, RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\NS\Engine, and RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\Ex-CR\Engine
  • Copy sd80cab.GeoPcDx from RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\CSX\CabView and paste it into RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\CR\CabView, RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\NS\CabView, and RailVehicles\Diesel\SD80MAC\Ex-CR\Engine
  • Copy coal_hopper.GeoPcDx from RailVehicles\Freightl\CoalHopper\Default\Wagon and paste it into RailVehicles\Freightl\CoalHopper\CR\Wagon
  • Make sure you activate Keystone -> SD80Parts and MLWAudio -> 16N-710G3B in the Scenario/World Editor to have the custom models and headlight flares to appear

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Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 2 months ago

Now this is nice. Good job

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Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 2 months ago

Very nice work.

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Avatar of BigNigerian
BigNigerian 2 months ago

Conrail RS3L Horn link is giving me a 404 error.

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Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 2 months ago

You can find it here for now,

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Avatar of Smectymnuus
Smectymnuus one month ago

But be aware that the DTG SD80MAC Horn.proxyxml that CNJrailfan provides is coded for the Searchlight version of this file, NOT the one present in the f/l here.

You will need to change the lines that begin with SearchlightSimulations from ".dav" to ".wav" (but note that the lines associated with MLWAudio ARE okay with the .dav extension, do NOT change those to ".wav."

You will also have to change a couple of the files in the RS3L_Ex-CR\Internal folder that you've put in your SearchlightSimulations folder under LeslieAirChimeR-series\RS3L_Ex-CR from "inRS3L_1_A.wav" and "inRS3L_1_B.wav" to "RS3L_A_IN.wav" and "RS3L_B_IN.wav"

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman one month ago

The Link works fine's your browser.

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