Kuju Cajon Pass Amtrak Phase VI Horizon Chair Car

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This is a reskin of the Southern Pacific scheme included with Kuju's Cajon Pass Chair Cars into Amtrak's Phase VI scheme seen on their Horizon cars. Enjoy champs!


Cajon Pass DLC Route (8.99$) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/208307/Train_Simulator_Cajon_Pass_Route_AddOn/

Installation Instructions

Extract the "Amtrak Phase VI Horizon.rar" file and copy-paste the extracted "Amtrak Phase VI Horizon folder" to the following directory:

copy Chair_Car_SPRR.GeoPcDx from:

paste Chair_Car_SPRR.GeoPcDx to:
RailWorks\Assets\Kuju\RailsimulatorUS\RailVehicles\Passenger\ChairCar\SPRR\Amtrak Phase VI Horizon

Additional Comments

I tried making this reskin before but I was stupid and didn't look through the folders carefully, today I decided to redo this and I was actually smart this time and it looks like this reskin has worked, enjoy!

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