BNSF ES44DC Leader on Amtrak #3 "Southwest Cheif"

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In this scenario, you will be operating a BNSF ES44C4 on Amtrak train #3; the "Southwest Chief" since the original lead engine, P42DC 201 broke down in Barstow. You will tow the 'Chief' to Los Angeles with a passenger stop at Fullerton. At the beginning of the scenario, you are racing L.A Metrolink commuter train 751 which originated in South Perris. After the Fullerton stop, you will overtake M751 and be behind Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train 763. You will follow A763 into Los Angeles Union Station

Duration - 48+ minutes

Difficulty - Mediocre


Kuju US Locomotive & Asset Pack (17.99$) -

Marias Pass route (19.99$) -

Pacific Surfliner route (19.99$) -

Amtrak P42DC Pack (19.99$) -

L.A Metrolink Commuter Pack (12.99$) -

Installation Instructions

Extract the installed "Amtrak ES44DC Lead on Amtrak" file and copy-paste the extracted "bb859a28-78ff-458c-8b7b-057f4a94ee48 folder" to the following directory:


Additional Comments

Original upload is available on Steam:

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