Cab Forward Headlight Fix


Included in this pack:

A Lua script to fix the Cab Forward headlights randomly shifting when setting off. (It is not encrypted so you are welcome to study or use it for your own biddings!)
Some new bin files to point to said Lua script.
A GeoMod batch file to modify some Node Names (this way don't have to manually modify GeoPcDx files in RW_Tools. It also keeps things nice and legal).

If you experience any issues with this patch please let me know in the comments.


G-TraX Southern Pacific Cab Forward

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Run GeoMod.bat in your Assets folder.
Clear Cache in the game settings.

Additional Comments

Please note that this pack is not compatible with the FanRailer Cab Forward Mod. For those that have the knowhow you're welcome to release a patch if you so desire.
GeoMod batch file made by Major Wales Design, used with his knowledge and consent.


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