SS Narrow Font K5H Flat #4 For the CSX AC6000CW

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Enjoy this K5H!


you will need a mod from someone else to be able to put the Horn

Installation Instructions

in this mod you will not find a notepad but I will explain what you have to do if you have any sound from another person or have a folder of sounds created for another person the only thing you have to do is just copy my sounds and then paste them to the folder where that person has created an example Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RailWorks \ Assets \ SearchlightSimulations \ NathanAirChimeK-series \ K5LLA_UP # 1988 \ you only go to the last folder that says and you only copy my sounds and paste them.


SS Narrow Font K5H Flat #4 CSX AC6000CW.7z 45 MB · Downloaded 35×


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Bro this k5h is so great

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Mikiwikistown 14 days ago

Thank you so much bro! i appreciate so much bro!

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Oh did you see my video?

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Mikiwikistown 13 days ago


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Lenny 13 days ago

Please add a Readme.file that gives you the exact directions on how to install a mod from you. i have difficulties installing your sound mods because of how unclear the readme is.

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bro you have to have this directory RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series then make a new folder and for example i Named my new folder AC60000CW K5H Flat 4 but don't copy my name just do a Different name like Ac6000cw K5H then paste the sounds in there then grab the K5LA_Horncontrol and the K5LA_HornControl.proxyBin from another SS Horn then Paste those in the folder that you have created then copy the K5LA_HornControl.ProxyXml and paste it in the same folder then go to whatever loco you have then copy the name in the cab for example RailWorks\Assets\RSC\Dash9Pack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\Dash9\Cab then copy the name like this Dash9 Horn and paste it in the K5LA_HornControl Copy.Proxyxml then you will need a Internal folder for the Internal sounds then after that then try the horn to see if it works good luck

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Awesome K5h Man!I Like It!

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Mikiwikistown 13 days ago

Thank you so much Man! I Appreciate So Much Man!

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