Pepsi Can Enhancements

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Something for the Pepsi Can aficionados.

Included in this pack:

TruRail P42DC 7FDL-16 audio aliased to the P32-8BWH. (I have excluded the horn so you can apply your favourite, or just use the default if you like it.)
^ Likewise for the lens-flare and RPM values, startup times etc.
^ I have excluded the horn & bell so you can apply your favourite, or just stick with the defaults if you like them.)
^ Finally, I have also edited in the interior engine volumes, so it now sounds like you have some powerful engineering behind you, as it should!
Altered the engine Bin files so the Cab & Instrument Lights are no longer on by default, hopefully savouring FPS.

These will overwrite the default engines so if you wish to revert for any reason re-extract the AP file.
If you experience any issues with these enhancements please let me know in the comments.


Amtrak P32-8BWH DLC
Amtrak P42DC "Empire Builder" DLC
TruRail Simulations P42DC Enhancement Pack - Currently available on their temporary site, as of 22/11/2021.

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder into your RailWorks directory.
Clear Cache in the game settings.


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Pepsi Can Enhancements Critical Patch.7z 4 KB · Downloaded 95×


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LP 8 days ago

Please download the critical patch so you don't encounter any bugs.

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Could you put the horn up for a seperate download if possible?

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LP 7 days ago

I would but the way TruRail set up the proxyxml is a bit strange

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