F7 Empire Builder Enhancements Update v1.0


Adds some SS Flares to the F7 Empire Builder

Update Log:

Fixed Holding B to use the Bell issue, the 2 state Headlight flare separated from the headlights, and added Type F Couplers.

KNOWN ISSUES: The headlight on position 2 makes the dim flare separated from the Headlight (FIXED)

Holding B to use the Bell (FIXED)

Soon to be added:

Better Textures, And Quill (Quill Paused at the moment until we figure out how to add it)


SS GEVO-12 Enhancement
RSC F7 Empire Builder DLC

Installation Instructions


Use any tool to open the .Rar

Then Drag and Drop on Railworks

Then click replace

You're done!

Additional Comments

Thanks to Knife Waifu for fixing the Flare positions and Brandon Railfan

Discord Contact: Blitzo#3542

I recommend using this mod with the following soundset: https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c1-train-simulator/c14-sounds/i992-emd-16cyl-567-engine-sound-pack-beta-v03-high-iron-retro-packs-fl9-and-more-update

Tags: great-northern


Enhanced F7 Empire Builder.rar 15 KB · Downloaded 29×
Enhanced F7 Empire Builder UPDATE.rar 17 KB · Downloaded 32×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 3 times before being withdrawn.


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I can add a quill for you guys, shoot me a message

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NormalTSModDev 4 days ago

On Discord?

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