Amtrak AEM-7 Phase III Overhaul and Amfleet Repaint Pack

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LP made history by making a non-ditchlight variant of the AEM-7, which hasn't been done in the 10 years of this locomotive existing, and breathed new life into an aging model. This pack adds onto that by fixing issues with the original model, adding new features,
and including new older Amfleets to run it with. I'd also recommend getting the Phase III heritage cars by me and older Phase Amtrak E8 baggage cars by Matt.


  • Custom 1980s Unrestricted K5LA
  • Improved 4K Textures for both models
  • Ditch light flare fix for the AEM-7
  • FanRailer compatible variant
  • New headlight flares and couplers
  • Accurate numbering
  • No driver variants
  • Roof shine fix


  • Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia (Steam)
  • TS2020 Fanrailer AEM-7/Amfleet Sound and Physics Mod (Optional)
  • LP's Amtrak AEM-7 Phase III Pack V2.1
  • TruRailSimulations Amtrak P42DC (couplers)
  • LIRR M7 Repaint and Upgrade on Railworks America (headlight flares)
  • RWTools or TSTools (to access and edit the geo for the AEM-7 as I cannot distribute it)


Installation Instructions

Installation instructions:

  1. Unzip the Contents of "" to an easily accesible place.
  2. Drop the Assets folder of "Main Pack" into your main Railworks folder usually found here: [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks], and overwrite when prompted.

For the AEM-7s:
2a. This step is optional, if you do not want to install the custom horn, move on to step 2b.
Copy the Assets folder of "Custom Horn" into the Railworks folder.
If the horn is not installed:
- The FanRailer version will retain the FanRailer horn/bell.
- The non FanRailer version will retain the default horn/bell or of whatever EP you're using.
If the horn is installed:
- The FanRailer version will have the low bell and custom K5LA.
- The non FanRailer version will have the default bell and custom K5LA.
NOTE: This involves editing the locomotive geo file. Do this at your own risk, But if you mess up, just copy the one from the default folder and try again.
2b. Open the .geopcdx in the "PH3" folder using RWTools or TSTools (which will have been installed as part of LP's instructions).
2c. Search for [<e d:type="cDeltaString">textures[00]roof_diffuse_1</e>] using Ctrl+F.
2d. Change "TrainSpecEnv.fx" to "TrainBumpSpecEnvMask.fx" on the ShaderName line right above roof_diffuse_1.
2e. Save the file. (This will get rid of that annoying shine on the roof of the Toaster.
For the Amfleets: (This will be in Assets/RSC/NorthEastCorridor)
3a. Copy the AmCoach.geopcdx variant from [RailVehicles\Passenger\Amfleet\AmCoach]
3b. Paste in each Amfleet Phase folder in RailVehicles\Passenger\Amfleet Phase (I, II and III)\AmCoach
3c. Copy the AmCafe.geopcdx from [RailVehicles\Passenger\Amfleet\AmCafe]
3d. Paste it in the AmCafe/AmClub/AmDinette variants for Phases I and II, and AmCafe/AmLounge for Phase III

And you're done!

Additional Comments

Note: You may need to unpack your .ap file using 7-zip in order to access the .geopcdx files.

The AEM-7s will be listed in the scenario editor as:
EMD AEM-7 Phase III Early
EMD AEM-7 Phase III Early (FanRailer)
The Amfleets will be listed in the scenario editor with the prefix: Budd Amfleet

Copyright ©2021 by Knife Waifu and LP. This file shall not be redistributed commercially under any circumstances.

Any damage to your locomotive or computer is NOT my responsibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the Amfleets, you must have your "Scenery Quality" setting in the main menu set to the highest possible or the textures will not load properly.

If you have any issues just ping me on the TSC Discord or comment under the mod page.


Original Models by Dovetail Games

Original Phase III AEM-7 by LP

Couplers by TruRailSimulations

Headlight Flares by CG Blaze and Martin Ashwill

P.S. If I find a good reference image for the Metroliner Amfleets, I'll include them in another add-on.
Northeast Direct will come with an eventual Phase IV Toaster and Amfleets Pack.
Capstone will probably come with an AEM-7 Phase V upgrade at some point down the road when I have good references.
Amfleet IIs will come with either a possible P30CH Phase II livery and upgrade.

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Avatar of LP
LP one month ago

How dare you question the quality of my mod, you will now be sued

Avatar of AverageSCPSLEnjoyer
AverageSCPSLEnjoyer one month ago

Very ''Questionable'' quality

Avatar of LP
LP one month ago

you will also be sued

Avatar of AverageSCPSLEnjoyer
AverageSCPSLEnjoyer one month ago

Get ready to speak to my 1,500 lawyers

Avatar of LP
LP one month ago

i will also sue them

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

Just saying i think he was joking

Avatar of AverageSCPSLEnjoyer
AverageSCPSLEnjoyer one month ago

We are both joking

Avatar of LP
LP one month ago

^ this

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

ok also LP look at your mod for the AEM-7

Avatar of Railfanner365
Railfanner365 one month ago

is editing the .geopcdx files absolutely necceaary, as i am really bad at doin stuff like that

Avatar of LP
LP one month ago

It just removes a shine effect, entirely optional though i do recommend it

Avatar of Martini
Martini one month ago

How dare you make the AEM-7 usable!

Also, glad to see more geo editing happening (on the shader side of things at least). This is a great mod.

Avatar of 2006 Ford Escape Chan
2006 Ford Escape Chan one month ago

I love this EP, but i am only able to use it in QD as when i try to make a scenario it won't move. what things do i have to check to make it work in a scenario?

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