SS Csx Et44ah Nathan K5hlr2 V2

Update This Is My Improved Version Of My K5hlr2 Horn! Special Thanks To TRAINRAILFAN Mech C40-8 With The Tutorail He Made On His Youtube Channel!This Is A K5hlr2 Made By Me From My Railfanning Videos!I Highly Reccomend You Use This On My Csx Et44ah Repaint!

Installation Instructions

How To Install:Extract The Railworks Folder Into Your Steam/Steamapps/Common Folder
From The Folder With The Download.Once Extracted,Go To The Folder With The Es44/Et44 Dlc,You Should Find A Bin File Called:
Class ES44 Horn Sound.Once You Open It With A Program Like Ts Tools,You Are Going To Change The Directory To The Dlc's Deafault
Horn(Or To Whatever Searchlight Simulations Horn You Have Installed) To:SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\Csx Et44ah Nathan K5hlr2\K5HL_HornControl
Once You Done So,Save The Bin File And That's It!

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10 Nov 2021
10 Nov 2021
Train Simulator Classic
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