SS Narrow Font 2 Piece 1L K5hl For The Csx Es44dc

This Is A Cool Narrow Font 2 Piece 1L K5hl I Made For The Es44 Dlcs.I Highly Reccomend You This On My Kuju Csx 5284 Repaint

Installation Instructions

How To Install:Extract The Railworks Folder Into Your Steam/Steamapps/Common Folder
From The Folder With The Download.Once Extracted,Go To The Folder With The Es44/Et44 Dlc,You Should Find A Bin File Called:
Class ES44 Horn Sound.Once You Open It With A Program Like Ts Tools,You Are Going To Change The Directory To The Dlc's Deafault
Horn(Or To Whatever Searchlight Simulations Horn You Have Installed) To:SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\SS Narrow Font 2 Piece 1L K5hl For The Csx Es44dc\K5HL_HornControl
Once You Done So,Save The Bin File And That's It!

Additional Comments

All Credit For The Horn Script Goes To Searchlight Simulations

Please Do Not Reupload This Horn To Any Other Train Simulator Download Website!

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