This is a Searchlight Simulation horn i made from the KCS 4701 ES44 engine

Installation Instructions

Just drop this folder into your Searchlight Simulation NathanAirChimeK-series folder


SS 17 MB · Downloaded 282×


Avatar of Crazy F59PHI
Crazy F59PHI one year ago

this horn uses searchlight horn proxys. I dont think it was meant to be distributed

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 one year ago

Yes it does but it is freeware never seen where SS said never use their proxy’s to make your own stuff also it’s not for sell it’s freeware. I made this horn myself with own sound. I’m sure they know every one is using this type of brand as long as it’s not there actually stuff being distributed for sell. Go look at other sites like railworks America same stuff all over bud

Avatar of Crazy F59PHI
Crazy F59PHI one year ago

Still, I don't think this was meant to be distributed... but okay..,

Avatar of TSboi
TSboi one year ago

@Crazy Parrot's Mods no it can be distrubuted, everyone uses the searchlight proxys, even i use them

Avatar of Crazy F59PHI
Crazy F59PHI one year ago

ok then

Avatar of Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!) Simulations

Nice Horn,Can You Make A 1st Gen K5hl (Or Narrow Font 2 With Piece 1L)Horn For The Game?I Really Would Like It If You Made One

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