SD70ACe Raised Letter K5LLA

Hello everyone,
This is a horn taken from a Norfolk Southern SD70ACe which had a beautiful K5LA, since the default needed a change and there weren't much horn replacemnts for the SD70, I thought I would make one.
I also wanted to say this is not my horn and I got it from Central AL Rail Productions who gave me permission to use his horn.


Any of the SD70 dlcs you can get at steam

Installation Instructions

Download instructions are in the readme file

Additional Comments

Me for the horn
Central AL Rail Productions for the Horn (His channel)
If you encounter a problem, give a comment on the page of the mod or send me a discord message (SD70Forever23#6289)
You may redistribute this mod to other sites as long as credit was given to me and the youtuber who created the video filming this horn.

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that is not a k5la that is a Rasied letter K5LLA

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TSWGAMER one month ago

Ohhhh right, oops thanks for correcting me, I'll make the change!

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