CSX Raised Letter Nathan K5LAR24

This K5LAR24 was recorded off of CSX 5311 an ES44DC!


No requirements needed!

Installation Instructions

Copy the "K5LA_HornControl" proxyxml file, and rename to any locomotive horn sound proxyxml. (ex: "Dash8 Horn"). If your locomotive is Searchlight Simulations compatible, open the locomotive horn sound .bin file with TS_tools or anything else and rename (ex: MLWAudio/GE-FDL16/FDL16/Horn-Bell/K5L_HornControl) and change it to SearchlightSimulations/NathanAirchimeK-series/K5LA_CSX#5311/K5LA_HornControl.

Tags: c40-8w csx dash-8 k5la k5lar24


K5LA_CSX#5311.zip 24 MB · Downloaded 59×


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z0rzx 17 days ago

This is awesome man!! It sounds fantasic, definitely will be using this on one of my locos. Just incase you want to add it to the title, this is a Narrow Font 2000's K5LA. Great work man!!

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z0rzx 14 days ago

Not too sure why you put "Raised Letter" when it's incorrect...

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