VIA Rail Canada F40PH Livery Pack

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This Livery Pack Includes The Following:

  • VIA Rail Canada 6400 in Renaissance Livery
  • VIA Rail Canada 6444 in the As-Delivered Scheme.
  • VIA Rail Canada LRC Coach (BTC3 Coach from NEC: BP)



  • NEC: Boston - Providence (Boston Sprinter) - Also available as part of the Rush Hour Season Ticket


Installation Instructions

TSW 2 Livery Manager Available Here

Installation tutorial by Steven Jam:


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Avatar of M-A-X
M-A-X 11 days ago

It make my game crach for some reasons when I select the skin

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 10 days ago

Odd. No issues on my end. Do you have the Livery Designer Logo Pack installed?

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