Idaho Northern and Pacific Thunder Mountian Line

EDIT! I forgot to paint the radiator grille on the right side, this has been fixed

F7 repainted to resemble the INPRs FP10s that used to be in service between Horseshoe Bend Idaho and Cascade Idaho and now in storage in Emmett ID since it closed in 2016

As a employee of this railroad I thought it would be cool to recreate something our passenger line was most best known for

These units were also used for a short time in freight service a few years ago, pictures can be found on the RR Picture Archives website of some of those ops

I tried my best with the text to get it to look accurate, its a bit difficult in the editor


Clinchfeild Add on
Livery Manager
Livery Editor Logo Pack 1.3

If you are playing on an AMD machine and the textures look corrupted, this is due to the way AMD drivers handle DX11 graphics

Use this link to download a patch to fix them

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RF_CRR_F7A;INPR FP10#1.tsw2liv 127 KB · Downloaded 2×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 3 times before being withdrawn.


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