CSX Pride in Service

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CSX locos 911, 1776 and 3194 in Pride in Service liveries




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Avatar of geo52
geo52 5 months ago

Outstanding work...

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 4 months ago

Ok, PLEASE make a tutorial. And how long did it take

Avatar of Monder
Monder 4 months ago

The first one (3194) was the hardest as I've been designing all the logos. I originally wanted to stop there, but then I realised copying it, changing it to 911 and that then to 1776 amounted for a fraction of that work as logos were mostly done. As for tutorial - it's the classic experimentation with projection angles and depths, perspective etc. The best way is probably to explore the livery in the livery designer, see the order in which layers have been put there, the settings of them etc. I am not big on video creation, so a video tutorial is probably up to others to make. There is a bunch of tips (including mine) on DTG forums though (Creation centre - Livery Designer Creations).

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller 2 months ago

i have seen them on on a dvd and they are cool trains

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller 2 months ago

i would like to have them in my game

Avatar of J&J Entertainment
J&J Entertainment one month ago

I am new to this...Like very new. How do I download this lol? I have tried 3 times and all 3 times failed

Avatar of Monder
Monder one month ago

You need the TSW2 Livery Manager (also on this site). Then you download the .zip file and inside it are the liveries. The Livery Manager can then import them into one of the save files, where liveries are stored (it can also pull liveries out, which is great for making a backup)

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller one month ago

were to find the TSW2 Livery Manager in the game

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