BML 387 in Scot Rail Saltaire Livery. (3 variants)

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BML 387 in ScotRail livery.
Inspired by the 387 to Cathcart Circle Mod by Alexander L. Note - the livery isnt currently appearing on GCC due to issues with the amount of cars subbed. Works 100% on scenario planner and the ECW service mode mod.


Livery MGR

Additional Comments
Here is a link to Alexander L substitution mod.
RF_LBN_GX_Class387;scotrail#2.tsw2liv - This file is more along the line of a 158 in Saltaire livery. Images provided for reference.
Saltaire Final Clean and weathered files are a variation on the light blue circle pattern, (more like a 385 in screenshots for reference) double the amount of layers ending up at 1555 (screenshot of this is one in the Livery designer. There are 2 options for this Livery, clean and weathered. (I think the weathered one looks best imo).


RF_LBN_GX_Class387;Saltaire Final weathered.tsw2liv 4 MB · Downloaded 29×
RF_LBN_GX_Class387;Saltaire Final clean.tsw2liv 4 MB · Downloaded 32×
RF_LBN_GX_Class387;scotrail#2.tsw2liv 3 MB · Downloaded 62×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 11 times before being withdrawn.


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dell one month ago

did you add detail to the back of the train?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S one month ago

Yes, detail is all there now.

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dell 22 days ago


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