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This is a repaint based on the spanish Renfe 253 (Traxx) series, as both locomotives are very similar (and from the same family!). Designed accurately with lots of details and precision.
Note: due to a bug of the base game, some textures could be rendered at a low resolution. Dovetail is working to fix this bug.


Este es un repintado basado en la locomotora de Renfe 253 (Traxx), ya que ambas presentan muchas similitudes (y provienen de la misma familia). Diseñada cuidadosamente y con muchos detalles y precisión.
Nota: a causa de un bug del propio juego, es posible que algunas texturas se muestren a baja resolución. Dovetail está trabajando en arreglar este bug.


Required DLCs and mods:

Nahverkehr Dresden Route Add-On

Livery Editor Logo Pack

TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Use TSW2 Livery Manager to install the livery. Make sure you own the Riesa-Dresden route and you have installed the Livery Editor Logo Pack.

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