GBRf BR Class 66

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Class 66789 in commemorative BR Large Logo Livery.


TSW 2 Livery Mgr Eastcoastway DLC
Muffs Latest Logo layers mod (trainsimcz)
Muffs Unlimited logo layers mod (trainsimcz)
Muffs mastery unlocked mod (trainsimcz)


RF_ECW_Class66;BR 66789.tsw2liv 362 KB · Downloaded 168×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 21 times before being withdrawn.


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ROB S 9 months ago

Currently without BR logo. Whilst I try and make the GBRF logo less layer hungry. Then I can get a nameplate in. I intend to do this in one release rather than constant improvements.

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ROB S 9 months ago

All logos are now present as shown in screenshots.

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Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26)