BR Class 150 | Northern Rail

BR Class 150 in Northern Rail Livery

Changelog V1.1:

-Added yellow door stops
-Added cycle images above the doors
-Added Various Decals


West Cornwall Local
Northern Trans Pennine
Tees valley Line

Muffs Logo Mod

(The latter 2 to use it in the scenario Planner)

Installation Instructions

Download RagingLightnings Livery Manager


RFD_CL150;Northern Rail 150 V1.1.tsw2liv 104 KB · Downloaded 188×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 51 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Future
Future 27 days ago

Hullo! Brilliant reskin! Would you he willing to make some older Northern Rail liveries for the 150? Maybe some of those promo liveries as well. Cheers

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