KCR Railway KTT Lok 2000 (Re 465) Electric Locomotive (BR 182 RT Livery)

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Lok 2000 (Re465) was a slightly improved version from Re 460, the majority of Swiss Ferdal Railway. Lok 2000 was purchased by KCR and delivered in 1997, TLN 001 and TLS 002. These two are formed as a set together with 10 Kinki Sharyo Double Decker Coaches and was named as KCR Through Train (KTT).
Despite Lok 2000 was capable for 200kph in operation, it was limited to 140kph in Hong Kong section to cooperate with Local Rapid Transit Services. KTT operated at 160kph in Mainland section before 2011 as the high speed track was occupied by CRH High Speed EMU, it now operated 140kph through both section.
V1.1: Adjusted the black belt at cab to make it at the same altitude with the colours on side
V1.2: Adjusted the base colour with same metal grey as China HKSAR KCR Railway MLR(Mid-Life Refurbishment Train) Metro Cammell--Alstom EMU (ECW Class 377 Livery) (https://mods.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c3-train-sim-world-2/c16-reskins/c34-british-fictional/i652-china-hksar-kcr-railway-mlrmid-life-refurbishment-train-metro-cammell-alstom-emu-ecw-class-377-livery),
also in 1.2, adjusted the ktt's tt to be connected with each others
Moved to Historical consider this livery do appear IRL


BR 182 DLC
Rapid Transit (RT) DLC (For 182)
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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