KCR ER20 'Eco Loco' 8001 (RT BR182 Livery)

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ER20 8000 series is one of the early development of ER20 EuroRunner series. The majority user was the Austrian Federal Railway ÖBB named as Class 2016. KCR also ordered 5 ER20 in 2001 and named as 8000 series.
Due to the restriction of component onboard, ER20 8000s cannot enter Mainland China, restricted it work on engineering works.
As DTG haven't provide us an German Diesel yet, I can only use EuroSprinter to pretend it--At least they looks a bit similar.
2 version was provided: Historic 8001 and fictional KCR Large Logo.
The 8001 are using the small logo as real life. It will recieve update later to make the logo at side looks larger and the front/back logo sharing a same bottom line as the lights as real life.
The large logo is a What if KCR witnessed BR adjusting their logo size trying to make it standout and go for the same way?
Note: The 'Eco Loco', in full 'Environmentally Friendly Locomotives', is the word KCRC used describing the ER20s as they replying to the Legislative Council comparing to the EMDs.
Livery List
8003=Large Logo
This livery is now sharing the similar look as KCR ER20 'Euro Runner' 8002 (DRA BR 146 Livery)


BR 182 DLC
Rapid Transit (RT) DLC (For 182)
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

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