KCR/MTR ER20 'Eco Loco' 8002/3 (DRA BR 146 Livery)

KCR ER20 'EuroRunner' 8001 was already released on the 182, why would I bother to do all the effort again just to put it on a different loco with 1 number changed?
1: It was not made by me but my friend Andy, thanks Andy!
2: It has Chinese Characters.
3: As Muff updated Logo Pack 1.4, we can finally use the Chinese Brand without hand doing it, thanks Muff!
Livery List
8002=KCR's Livery
8003=MTR's Livery by replacing all symbol related to KCR with MTRs
8007= A Fictional livery, with BOTH KCR and MTR's Symbol, MTR's has an extra 'Hong Kong Rail' in Chinese, as some of it's symbol has.
From: https://www.hkrail.net/Photos/4250/


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.4

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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RF_DRA_DB_BR146-2;KCMTR ER20 8007 (DRA146).tsw2liv 260 KB · Downloaded 27×
RF_DRA_DB_BR146-2;KCR ER20 8002 (DRA146).tsw2liv 39 KB · Downloaded 27×
RF_DRA_DB_BR146-2;MTR ER20 8003 (DRA146).tsw2liv 59 KB · Downloaded 29×

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