KNR 6200series '6351' (EXP SD40 Livery)

Korean National Railroad (KNR, 1963-2004) introduced 40 EMD SDP-38 locomotives. These locomotives seperated into 2 groups with 6200s for freight and 6350s for passenger service.
Originally, 6200 series and 6350 series are treated as 2 seperate classes. As KNR introduced the Hyundai 7000 series in 1986 to tackle to incoming traffic for 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Summer Olympic Games, a reshuffle of the locomotive numbers were done.
Before 1986, SDP-38 occupied 6200(Freight) and 6350(PAX) series, the G26-CW occupied 7000series.
After 1986, with Hyundai locomotive occupied 7000seires, the G26-CW occupied 6300series instead. The 6350series merged with the 6200series and renumbered as so.
This specific one was number 6351(Later 6218) in the later stage of 'Tiger Stripe' livery. 6351 has the honour of being selected for construction work of the Gyeongbu High Speed Rail from Haengsin (Gyeong, the Cpaital) to Busan (Bu)


New Journeys Expansion (EXP) DLC
Sand Patch Grade (SPG) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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