Black LMS Jubilee

This is a very quick mod of the Jubilee to make it black instead of green.

It's not prototypical, but I hope to add the white lines/other parts of the livery at a later date.

UPDATED (02/06/2022)

Massive thanks once again to Alexander L.,
Thanks to their work this will now appear as a seperate livery, meaning the green one will still be around!

Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder

Tags: br british-railways jubilee lms spirit-of-steam steam


!TS2Prototype-Laika-Alex-BlackJubilee.pak 8 MB · Downloaded 102×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 18 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 3 Jun 2022

Just a heads up, this mod seems to prevent Livery Designer creations from being selected in the timetable menu.

Avatar of CrAzZyKiLLa
CrAzZyKiLLa 3 Jun 2022

Noticing this myself. Downloaded liveries are no longer selectable in the Q menu but do still show up on AI trains.

Avatar of Laika
Laika 4 Jun 2022

oh that's not good! I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know!

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