MRCE 187 V1.2

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Sick of DB Red, well now you can enjoy the 187 in its rarer MRCE livery!

Version 1.1
With thanks to Alexander L.#5766 the train now has added features from their enhancment pack!

Version 1.2
Fixed some issues with lettering


For this reskin to work you must own:
DB BR 187

Tags: 187 db german german-loco germany mrce


ShibAlexMRCE187.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 94×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 12 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of SkidMarkYT
SkidMarkYT one month ago

Heads up, you uploaded this to the legacy skins page instead of European skins 👍

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Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW one month ago

This IS a legacy skin. If you put this file in the DLC folder, ALL of the 187's will appear in the game as MRCE versions.

Avatar of SkidMarkYT
SkidMarkYT one month ago

Oh so all .PAK files are legacy and .tsw2liv files are non legacy? I have 3 skins for the 187 and the MRCE .PAK file only overwrites the DB Br 187 and not my .tsw2liv skins, thanks anyway

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW one month ago

Correct. The PAK-based mods will over-ride the default liveries. If you select a custom made livery made in the creator, that takes the highest priority.

Avatar of SkidMarkYT
SkidMarkYT one month ago

Thanks again for explaining 👍

Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 one month ago

Effectivement ça change et donne un genre comme pour la DB BR 185 pour la Ste MRCE, jolie travail et bonne continuation pour la suite, en réponse à W2SJW, pourtant je dispose encore de scénarios en livrée rouge DB mais peut être à cause d'un autre mod car ce n'est pas le seul sur la 187 dont je dispose !!!
Amitié, tof

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