DB BR 423 (S-Bahn München) - "Bahnland Bayern" Logo Pack

This mod adds the Bahnland Bayern logo to DTG's modernized BR 423. Additionally, it adds a second variant which resembles an unrefurbished unit. This variant features old-style headlights, older decals and a green destination display.


Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg

Additional Comments

Update 14.06.2022 (1:30 CEST):

  • Updated original "Bahnland Bayern" repaint to non-mirroring decals
  • Added variant with decals for an unrefurbished version

Update 14.06.2022 (19:55 CEST):

  • Fixed spelling error in formation name

Update 15.06.2022:

  • Added variant with newest "Bahnland Bayern" logo
  • Added .dlc file for ensured Epic Games compatibility


TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SBM.pak 22 MB · Downloaded 170×

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Avatar of CapitolLimited
CapitolLimited 10 days ago

Great mod. For others downloading, note that there's a mod conflict somewhere, so if you have problems, just add an exclamation mark to the front of the mod so it has a higher load order.

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 10 days ago

Good job !

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Avatar of Aran
Aran 9 days ago

Lovely Mod, nice to have the logo without the mirroring issue.
Would it maybe be possible to also make a version of the mod that doesn't include the unmodernised version?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 9 days ago

Oh yeah that would really be nice. Can you make the unmodernised version separate please?

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Train Sim World 2
Type of content
Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26), Rush Hour Epic Games (UE4 4.26)
Train Sim World 2 Content
Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg
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Adds a new skin