CCB UP AC4400CW Corrections

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Updated to Version 1.1!

This small mod replaces the UP AC4400CW model with one that had the bogies fixed up to look/function properly. No more dead rear bogie and axles not spinning, brakes not working as they should (on the loco model) or brake lines floating in mid-air.

This mod changes the model only, so it is fully compatible with pretty much all other mods, and of course is 100% compatible with the Livery Editor and custom skins.

Opinions are always welcome. If you would like to support me and my modding endeavors, please consider a symbolic donation.


Train Sim World® 2: Cane Creek: Thompson - Potash Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Place the file 'TS2Prototype-TS-CCB-UP-AC4400-Fix.pak' into '(GAMELOCATION)\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC'

If you had a previous version of the mod, make sure you overwrite it.

(GAME_LOCATION) being the game directory ex. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2'

Additional Comments


V 1.1

  • re-did the entire mod from the beginning since I moved the wheels to match the bogies instead of bogies to match the wheels (bogies arent even) and it caused a wobble on the axles which has been fixed
  • removed the ladder rung that used to clip the handrail on the front of the loco as it is not present on the prototype
  • fixed "Weathered" variant of the loco not working
  • weighed the vertices to all the brake components (brake shoes, swing arms, connectors, etc) which are now all animated properly in the game on both bogies (most components weren't working on either bogie)

V 1.0

  • rotated rear bogie
  • adjusted and properly moved/connected the brake lines on both front and rear bogies (no more floating pipes attached to nothing)
  • adjusted break pistons so they don't end up sticking out of the brake body
  • assigned bogie components to their respective bones and weighed all the vertices as necessary
  • assigned the 3 rear axles to their respective bones and weighed them
  • other misc small corrections

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Avatar of Ark
Ark one month ago

Thanks! Does this correct the height as well?

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Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte one month ago

No, unfortunately it does not. Correcting the height would be a much more serious project, one which I am not undertaking due to the fact that I do not own this DLC.

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Avatar of Ark
Ark one month ago

Also, this mod should be in the TSW 2 location, not the TS 2021 area. ;)

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Avatar of Stexred
Stexred one month ago

good job :)

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Avatar of Ded Mozaj
Ded Mozaj 27 days ago

Thanks for the job bro!
I learned how to create a "pak", but for now, only with a change in textures.
How to work with a 3D model and pack it correctly so that everything works in TSW after editing?
Make a video using a simple 3D model of a locomotive!
(I have been working in 3Ds max for a long time, РS, Substance Painter, familiar with UE4).

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