Shibs Route Image Fixes

10× · 1,217×

This is my collection of route image fixes and additions!

BKL multi timetable patch
GWE multi timetable patch
WCL image patch
SMH image patch
CRR image patch
DRA image patch
HRR image patch
RRO image patch


ShibBKLImageFix.pak 519 KB · Downloaded 108×
ShibCRRImageFix.pak 624 KB · Downloaded 123×
ShibDRAImageFix.pak 620 KB · Downloaded 110×
ShibGWEImageFix.pak 646 KB · Downloaded 121×
ShibHRRImageFix.pak 624 KB · Downloaded 115×
ShibPNZImageFix.pak 526 KB · Downloaded 204×
ShibRROImageFix.pak 630 KB · Downloaded 103×
ShibSMHImageFix.pak 583 KB · Downloaded 118×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 215 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 one month ago

Liking These! Would it be possible (in the future) to seperate the multi timetable pack as i only have the 1938 stock and not GWB?

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Avatar of Mr.Shiiba
Mr.Shiiba one month ago

ye ill do that now

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Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte one month ago

Nice job bro.

Avatar of tonesmeister
tonesmeister 29 days ago

Small question, what's new or has been fixed with the HRR Shibs Route Image?

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