Class 166 West Cornwall Local Substitution

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This mod enables the Class 166 from GWE to sub in on Class 150 services.

Because of 150 being a 2 car formation in the timetable I've had to make the 166 substitute in a 2 car formation.
(Just pretend it's a 165 lmao)

There are some issues with derailing when starting certain services, I've not tested fully but I'd imagine derailments can also happen to AI whilst you're driving.
This can not be fixed within the bounds of my knowledge sooo it'll have to do for now!

If you want the FGW 166 to appear you have to install the FGW Unlocker mod from!

If you notice any more issues or unexpected conflicts with other routes please do let me know in the TSC Discord.


FGW Unlocker

Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder.

Tags: class-166 gwe sub substitution wcl west-cornwall


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