Tees Valley Class 37 Sound Mod v3

  • by ROB S
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This mod changes some sounds on the TVL Class 37-5
The Horn is now 2 preset tones. Low -high by pressing low tone key and high-low by pressing the high tone key.
Engine sound tweak low power now results in a smooth rev insread of on/off.
Loco Bogie sounds- joints have been given a heavier tone whilst no longer being prominent in the Cab.
Flange squeal has been toned down and given more base.


TSW2 4.26

Installation Instructions

Drop into DLC folder.


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Avatar of Hornblower 9000
Hornblower 9000 one month ago

Thank you for producing these sound mods.

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Avatar of ROB S
ROB S one month ago

No problem, hope you enjoy.

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Avatar of Future
Future one month ago

Is it possible to produce a version without preset tones, ie just with a "low" and "high" tone seperate?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 29 days ago

It is quite straight forward to create the loops for High and Low tones. Issue is the more editing you do to these recordings, the further away from the true sound you get. I could probably improve on the default DTG horns with a loop, but wont sound genuine.

Avatar of Future
Future 28 days ago

Ok, thanks for telling me

Avatar of dis0nored
dis0nored 27 days ago

this was once again very much, much much much need it! great job. you've given her some honor

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