MBTA MP36PH-3C's 010 & 011 Livery Pack - TSW 3

This Livery Pack Includes The Following:

  • MBTA MP36PH-3C 010
  • MBTA MP36PH-3C 011

These liveries are for the standalone MP36PH, not for the default 6car Baby Bullet formation. To use this livery, you must download my Baby Bullet TSW3 Fixes Mod which adds the standalone MP36PH to the livery designer.


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

Train Sim World 3 Livery Manager

Additional Comments

  • I request that this livery remains personal use only, meaning that it won't be reuploaded on any other site or under any other account.
    I also request that any modifications to this livery, or using this livery as a template, is kept to yourself only.

Tags: mbta united-states


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4 Aug 2021
9 Apr 2023
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Train Sim World 3
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Caltrain MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet'
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