VIA Rail Canada F40PH-2D Livery Pack - TSW 3

This Livery Pack Includes The Following:

  • VIA Rail Canada 6400 in Renaissance Livery
  • VIA Rail Canada 6403 in the Canada Flag Scheme.
  • VIA Rail Canada 6420 in the "Love The Way" Wrap.
  • VIA Rail Canada 6444 in the As-Delivered Scheme.
UPDATE 10th January 2023
  • LRC Coach - Fixed Missing VIA Rail Logo.
  • LRC Coach - Fixed Missing Maple Leaf on Canada Flag.
  • Removed Support for Train Sim World 2.
UPDATE 16th January 2023
  • These Repaints Now Require The Mastery Unlocker By For The Maple Leaf Decal.
  • Loco 6400 - Remade Canada Flag Graphic on "VIA Rail Canada" Text.
  • Loco 6403 - Fixed Missing Maple Leaf on Canada Flag on "Canada" Text.
  • Loco 6403 - Fixed Size Of "Canada" Text
  • Loco 6403 - Remade Canada Flag Graphic on the sides of the Locomotive to be a waving flag rather than a static flag as per reality.
  • Loco 6420 - Remade "VIA Rail Canada" Text.
  • Loco 6420 - Remade Canada Flag Graphic on "VIA Rail Canada" Text.
  • Loco 6420 - Replaced "Love The Way" text on the left side of the Locomotive to be "la voie qu'on aime" as per reality.
  • Loco 6444 - Remade Canada Flag Graphic.
  • Loco 6444 - Remade VIA Rail Logo.


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

Train Sim World 3 Livery Manager

Vlakové simulátory (

Livery Designer Logo Pack

Additional Comments

I request that these liveries remain personal use only, meaning that they won't be reuploaded on any other site or under any other account.
I also request that any modifications to these liveries, or using these liveries as templates, are kept to yourself only.

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Avatar of M-A-X
M-A-X 16 Oct 2021

It make my game crach for some reasons when I select the skin

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 16 Oct 2021

Odd. No issues on my end. Do you have the Livery Designer Logo Pack installed?

Avatar of JasperHuskyFox
JasperHuskyFox 7 Jan 2022

Can there be a version with no logos so we can use them Without the logo pack? The logo pack causes horrible instability on some systems. I would love to use these but I cannot play the game with the Logo pack

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 17 Jan 2022

Unfortunately not at this time.

I don't play TSW as much anymore as it is, but the main issue is the level of detail that isn't possible without the logo pack, especially the maple leaf.

Avatar of JasperHuskyFox
JasperHuskyFox 21 Jan 2022

The Sherman Hill has a maple leaf

Avatar of JasperHuskyFox
JasperHuskyFox 21 Jan 2022

I just remade it without the logo pack by using the Sherman Hill Maple Leaf

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 22 Jan 2022

Hmm didn’t know that, I’ll look into it in that case.

Might not be for a while though, like I said I don’t play as much as I used too, not as much free time anymore.

Avatar of Queendoor
Queendoor 22 Jun 2022

Please For Train Simulator 2022 Clasic??🙏🙏

Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 22 Jun 2022

Unfortunately I don't play much TS1. I'm sure there are lots of VIA Rail Repaints floating around for it though. I suggest asking around in the TSC Discord.

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