CSX Heritage Pack For Cajon Pass ES44C4

I will be adding CSX's heritage units to this pack as CSX releases them.
1827 (B&O)
1973 (Chessie)
1982 (Seaboard)
1976 (Conrail)
1869 (C&O)


TSW3 Cajon Pass

Installation Instructions

Use Raging Lighting's TSW3 Livery Manager

Tags: csx heritage


CSX 1827 B&O Heritage for ES44C4.tsw3 21 KB · Added 22 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 119× CSX 1869 C&O Heritage for ES44C4.tsw3 30 KB · Added 2 days ago · Downloaded 10× CSX 1973 Chessie Heritage for ES44C4.tsw3 19 KB · Added 18 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 112× CSX 1976 Conrail Heritage for ES44C4.tsw3 25 KB · Added 23 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 73× CSX 1982 Seaboard Heritage for ES44C4.tsw3 19 KB · Added 1 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 86×

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Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 23 Jul 2023

I commend the very nice work done but the model used is in crrect. CSX doesn't use the ES44C4 units.

Avatar of Railroad Noah
Railroad Noah 23 Jul 2023

I know. I figured more people would have the ES44C4 than ES44AC. I will make them for the ES44AC after CSX releases all of them

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 24 Jul 2023

Sounds good.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 28 days ago

I really like that you are doing this, have you thought of making it a skin job also, so it could be used on any ES44?
Is this the Raging Lighting's TSW3 Livery Manager you are referring to?
Or does Raging Lighting have a page on here for it?

Avatar of Railroad Noah
Railroad Noah 17 days ago

I only know how to do the reskin like how this is. It is Raging Lightning's TSW3 Livery Manager.

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 2 days ago

Excuse my late reply, I understand, and I will get it figured out. Thank you again.

Avatar of Railroad Noah
Railroad Noah yesterday

Here's the livery manager https://github.com/RagingLightning/TSW3-LM And here is a video if you need help with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxnnEavol2U

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