GO Transit Original Black & White Livery - TSW3

GO Transit #606, prototypically a GMDD GP40TC in real life, remade in Train Sim World 3 for the CSX GP38-2 that comes with Sand Patch Grade.

It is wearing it's original black and white livery that was used at the beginning of GO Transit in 1966. This unit would later be renumbered #9806 in 1970, and then renumbered again to #506 in 1975. It would get repainted into GO's green and white livery during its career and was later sold to Amtrak in 1988. This unit is still in operation today with Amtrak and are now classed as GP38H-3's.


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

Train Sim World 3 Livery Manager

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I request that this livery remains personal use only, meaning that it won't be reuploaded on any other site or under any other account. I also request that any modifications to this livery, or using this livery as a template, is kept to yourself only.

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