Dispolok---RAG Bahn und Hafen ES64 U2 '017' (RT BR182 Livery)

Thanks Foobian for allowing me to use his Dispolok livery as a base to start
This is for the RT BR182, NOT HBK MRCE ES64U2!
Siemens founded the Siemens Dispolok GmbH in 2001 in order to tackle to large amount of locomotive being withdrawn from their original owner and send back to Siemens due to technical issues. With such amount of locomotive being left in factory, Siemens take the chance to introduce locomotive renting service to newly formed logistic companies with a full course service including human resource provided.
This one is the RAG Bahn und Hafen ES64 U2 017, but mixed with element from 026.
1: Extra 'Siemens' on side and front (Feature of 026 as 017 has a longer sentence in front)
2: RAG logo on side (common feature)
3: Adjusted the LZB code on side as 1116 717-8 (Feature of 017)
4: '251' on side (Feature of 017)
5: RAG with white outline (Feature of 017, 026 removed the outline with a simplfied logo same as the one on side)


BR 182 DLC
Rapid Transit (RT) DLC (For 182)
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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